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We want success. Your success. Whether you’re a student, a career starter or an experienced professional, we’ll help you pursue your personal vision.

Let’s integrate business, IT – and you!

Really good integration is essential for you to reach your full potential. And that’s something that matters to us.


Our buddy program gets started before you even arrive for your first day at work. We match you up with one of our employees, based on your personal interests and preferences. That means you have a colleague (your buddy) on hand with help and advice right from the start, making sure you feel at home with us in next to no time.





We have lots of things in place to help you settle in at Wavestone quickly and confidently. You’ll have a ‘First Steps’ meeting on your first day to look at your integration, followed by a ‘Second Steps’ meeting half way through your probation period where we set your targets together and work on developing your vision – and there is also our  culture and team workshop, spanning several days. and taking place after your probation period.


Integration at Wavestone doesn’t end there, of course. It is, and will always be, an essential part of our value-oriented corporate ethos and as such, is something we work towards every day. Your successful take-off is definitely assured.







Profile from the side Workshop Coffebreak

Coaching & Leading for win-win success

Our Coaching & Leading leadership model makes sure that your individual goals are optimally aligned with Wavestone’s corporate ones. Together with you, we work on the success of projects, bringing the corporate values to life, your personal work-life balance and your professional development. You will be supported by coaches, leads and, of course, dedicated contacts in Human Relations.


As an employee, you are at the center of our Coaching & Leading leadership model. You play an active role in defining visions and goals, and contribute to securing results and achieving objectives. Our open feedback culture gives you the opportunity to share positive comments and criticism promptly and directly with your coach or lead, so you can work together to create the best possible foundations for achieving your goals.


The lead is your manager within the business area. Together with you, they are responsible for the medium to long-term development of your career and competencies. You discuss your personal vision with your lead along with ideas that will drive your career at Wavestone forward.


The coach is your manager on the project you’re working on and is responsible for ensuring project results. They also support your personal development within the project, taking your vision goals into account.

Human Relations

Human Relations supports all three roles in our Coaching & Leading leadership model and is the central point of contact. HR colleagues are also on hand to answer questions and offer objective support if needed.

Senior Consultant, Automotive


“I have someone I can talk to about challenges on both a project and topic charter level. And I also have someone who can give me constructive feedback and works with me to define my goals. It’s not just a concept on paper. It’s really practiced that way.”



Manager, Insurance


“I’m often not involved in the same project as the colleagues whom I lead. So the coach is helpful as a point of contact on the project itself but also as someone to turn to when the lead just can’t be present. And even I have a coach in the project who gives me open and appreciative feedback and is a key sparring partner for challenging situations with customers.”

Always up to date with our Academy

We wouldn’t be one of the most successful management consultancies today without our employees’ insight into current trends, professional expertise, and skill sets. It’s our employees who make the difference. That’s why your off-project professional development is particularly important to us. You will have the opportunity to take part in training courses at our Academy for a minimum of five days a year. Because no matter if you’re an analyst or partner, you never stop learning!

Training days per year

Trainings & workshops on-site

Trainings & workshops remote

Our career model – effective, individual, and flexible

As part of our company, you get to develop according to your strengths and decide for yourself what direction you want to take. Different career paths open up a wide range of career options for you, and you can choose between our Expert and Management tracks.

And because we see ourselves as a fluid company, your choice doesn’t have to be permanent. You always have the opportunity to take a different path within Wavestone if your goals or interests change.

Expert Track

The Expert Track gives you step-by-step project management responsibility covering an extensive range of topics and marketing aspects.

Management Track

The Management Track involves you leading projects and gradually taking on comprehensive management and acquisition responsibility, and ultimately taking on an executive role within the company.

Let's grow together

Our PERSONAL GROWTH MODEL (PGM) brings your potential to life. Yet another standard development model? Not at all, quite the opposite in fact. As well as focusing on tasks and competencies, the PGM looks at assets – tangible value that comes from your work and that you can use to accomplish tasks (like successfully completed projects, accreditations, and your personal network). 


Another special aspect of our model is our impact circle concept, which shows how effectively your work impacts you, your project, your customer, and ultimately your market. This creates a transparent and individual development approach that forms the basis for everything relating to employee development: for our Coaching & Leading leadership model, for professional development via our Academy, and for our career model. 


Let’s grow – no matter what stage of your career you’re currently at. 

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